[Foto: Regenerative Braking]Drivetrain & Thermal Management | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Regenerative braking: An important factor for increasing overall vehicle efficiency

In contrast to conventional vehicles, the analysis of the overall efficiency of (partially) electrified vehicles with x-by-wire systems is much more complex, but also offers greater potential for optimization.

Drivetrain | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Customized hybridization or electrification

Our unique simulation environment helps us adjusting concepts and functions to meet the precise requirements of the vehicle platform und use-case in question.

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Thermal Management | Damian Backes M.Sc.

Cooling concepts for batteries, power electronics and ECUs

An increasing electrification leads to a growing number of temperature sensitive components in vehicles.

Coordinated Vehicles and Charge PointsDrivetrain & Thermal Management | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Charge Management for Electric Vehicle Fleets

fka GmbH designs intelligent and connected charging strategies, which enable a smooth operation of electric vehicles.

Energy and thermal management strategies
Drivetrain & Thermal Management | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Energy and Thermal Management Strategies

Effective and efficient management of energy flows - for both conventional and electrified vehicles, this is the central component for minimizing the consumption of resources.

[Image: Drivetrain testing]
Drivetrain | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Drivetrain testing: Cross-domain

Ever since our foundation we have focused on improving the efficiency of electrified drivetrains and developing electric drive systems.

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Drivetrain | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Scalable Simulation for Energy Efficiency

During early stages of the development process, investigations regarding energy efficiency of components and systems can be carried out by means of simulation. fka GmbH provides a broad simulation environment to address all relevant aspects in this field.

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Drivetrain | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Commercial Vehicles: Real Consumption and Fleet Optimisation

The large variety of commercial vehicle variants with a wide range of applications offers significant potential for optimising the composition of a fleet with different drive technologies

[Foto: Klimaregler]
Thermal Management | Damian Backes M.Sc.

Interior air conditioning

New concepts for electric vehicles and automated driving create new challenges for the interior air conditioning.