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fka Analytics - Our infrastructure for vehicle data acquisition and resulting fields of application

Collecting, processing and displaying data in real time offers a wide range of possibilities for developing data-driven services. Three core technological elements are required for this:

  • Data and telecommunication units
    Our self-developed data loggers can be easily installed on various vehicles. The connections to the mobile network are established e.g. via CAN bus or other interfaces. Due to the installed 5G module all data are sent continuously and almost without delay to our server. The robust and compact design guarantees a continuous use even in electric bikes or in motor racing.
  • A powerful server backend
    Our server infrastructure based at fka, which includes the backend of the system, is designed for fast processing of large amounts of data. Data protection is a top priority for us. The data transfer is encrypted and the access is protected through a user management system.
  • User interfaces such as websites or mobile apps
    All your data is easily accessible. Through a clearly structured presentation as a website or mobile app, you can view relevant data at any time. We have the necessary expertise and infrastructure to quickly implement innovative ideas, different views and analysis of the data and customize your user interface.

Our service:
From electric bicycles to heavy long-haul trucks, we have substantial experience integrating communication units in different vehicle categories that collect and pre-process data. We offer our customers detailed models, the optimization of processes and the evaluation of large data volumes in the backend. Further processing of individual user groups and selective results can be made available easily and quickly, enabling personalized services. Users interact with the backend via websites or mobile applications that can be connected via APIs such as REST, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Area of application:
Data logging plays a critical role in improving the performance and efficiency of vehicles and also has multiple application areas. Examples include the following applications:

  • Conducting feasibility studies for the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles based on real-world scenarios.
  • Data acquisition through extensive telemetry in motor racing.
  • Collection of the operational behavior of electric bicycles.

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Phone: +49 241 8861 214


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