Acoustics | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener

Elimination of static noise from electromechanical servo-steering

Electromechanical servo-steering can lead to transmission rattle, which can disturb the driving experience severely.

Acoustics | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener

Sensor Concept That Makes Vehicles Listen

The vehicle of the future must be able to hear. The solution to this problem is a sensor in the vehicle that works exactly like the human ear.

Sound Design for Synthetical Vehicle Sounds
Acoustics | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener

Sound design for synthetical vehicle sounds

Sound design is an important measure to create a driving pleasure, a sound brand identity, and give feedback to drivers and the surroundings.

Sound Emission in Chassis Bushings
Acoustics | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener

Sound emission in chassis bushings

Thanks to our unique test bench, we can analyze how noises in chassis bushings and bearings with applied pre-load arise.

Full Vehicle NVH
Acoustics | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener

Full vehicle NVH

Schwingungskomfort und Geräuschcharakteristik beeinflussen maßgeblich die Qualitätsbeurteilung eines Kraftfahrzeugs – das gilt sowohl für Innen- als auch für Außengeräusche.

Simulation – CAE for NVH Analyses
Acoustics | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener

Simulation – CAE for NVH analyses

For an early design of NVH characteristics of components and entire vehicles, simulation tools are essential.