[Foto: SpeedE]HMI | Jan Bavendiek

Concept2020: New interaction concept for automated driving

The interaction concept newly developed by ZF and fka strengthens trust and reduces stress during automated driving.

[Foto: Test drive]HMI | Jan Bavendiek

Evaluation of HMI Systems

As a basis for the development of new HMI systems, it is essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the existing solutions in terms of usability and user experience. For the evaluation of these systems, fka takes advantage of a wide range of different methods and tools.

[Foto: ZF]HMI | Jan Bavendiek

Safe Human Interaction Cockpit

As part of the Safe Human Interaction project fka, ZF and Faurecia jointly developed an innovative interaction concept for safe and convenient transitions between different automation levels.

[Foto: Surf & Curve]HMI | Jan Bavendiek

Surf & Curve: Revolutionary HMI concepts

Together with Body Control Systems we developed our revolutionary HMI concept “Surf & Curve”.