[Foto: Suspension controller development]Chassis & NVH | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener

Intelligent and Active Suspension Controller Development

Our team of experts in the fields of vehicle dynamics and AI development has extensive experience in controller development.

[Foto: leitbild]
tyres in motion | Dr. Christian Bachmann

Road Texture Analysis

Since the tire is the only connection between vehicle and road, it is fundamental to consider the road surface characteristics in vehicle and tire simulations.

[Image: Steer-by-wire]
Chassis | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener


Steer-by-wire is one of the key technologies for high level automated driving.

[Image: Testing technology]
Chassis | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener

Testing technology

Measuring characteristics of components, systems and of full vehicles is an essential necessity for the chassis development.

[Image: Flat-Trac Tire Test Bench]
Chassis | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener

MTS Flat-Trac Tire Test Bench® IV CT plus

Our new MTS Flat-Trac® IV CT plus is the only openly accessible highly dynamic tyre test rig in Europe in its class.

[Foto: i3 auf VIMM]
Chassis | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener

CAx methods

Simulation tools are essential to design nowadays chassis in order to assist digital prototyping of the systems and the development of vehicle dynamics control systems.

[Image: Axle concept]
Chassis | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener

Axle concept with high steering angles

Thanks to urbanization and increasing inner-city mobility requirements innovative vehicle concepts gain more and more importance. Good maneuverability is essential.