Full Vehicle NVH

Full vehicle NVH

The consumer's increased awareness of comfort and increasingly stringent legal requirements, plus the electrification of the drivetrain lead to increasing requirements towards the vehicle’s acoustics.

Vibration and sound characteristics from the in- and outside are both significant for the vehicle’s evaluation.

Typical examples for full vehicle NVH topics are the analyses of rotational vibrations of drive trains or transmission paths.

In order to analyze sound phenomena induced by the drive train, you need a multi-channel measurement system for rotational vibrations, to precisely measure the rotational movements of a drivetrain. By adding the chronologically synchronic measurement of air- and structure-borne sound, further information to determine the complex impact on the full vehicle is available.

Analyzing transmission paths requires a profound knowledge of the prevailing sound sources and transfer mechanisms. With the experimental transmission path analysis (TPA) the relevant transfer paths within a vehicle from the source to driver’s ear are determined. Thanks to our multi-channel measuring system with up to 140 channels and the according sensor systems for structure- and air-based sound we can identify the necessary measurement data. To create and verify the transmission path models we also supply besides the standardized tools our proprietary software solutions if necessary.

[Foto: Full Vehicle NVH]

[Foto: Full Vehicle NVH]

Testing infrastructure

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