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In the development process, the analysis of customer expectations, outlet markets, technology potential, and competitors plays an important role.

White paper on monetization of automotive data from fka and Strategy Engineers

With increasing digitalization of automobiles and an emerging eco-system around connected vehicles, an increasing amount of data is being generated and made available. Various actors from established OEM and suppliers to new entrants and tech players see significant revenue potential in business models based on those data.

fka has developed a perspective on the monetization of automotive data and the resulting business models, in close collaboration with Strategy Engineers. Based on a segmentation and classification of available data within vehicles, a generic value chain from raw data generation towards end customer services was derived.

The elements of this currently emerging value chain are elaborated whereby emphasizing key elements such as an open data market place for vehicle-related data. Viable business models along the value chain are discussed and implications for OEM, suppliers and 3rd parties are derived.

The complete document is available for download under the link stated below as well as from Strategy Engineers’ website.

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